“Diversity is in everyone”


Every person bring with himself a treasure to discover,

an originality that became us, unique and diverge

Vittorina Gementi (1931-1989), Founder of Casa del

Recent scientific study (2008) has shown that in Italy:
1 out of 500 new births carries brain paralisis
1 out of 700 is affected by the DOWN syndrome.
1 in every 500 children has hearing disturbances at birth.


"These persons are not in a position to call out for their rights and cannot make their voices heard. It is exactly for this purpose that we must remember that they have an absolute right to save their human faculty high to the advantage of the community as a whole.”
(Vittorina Gementi)


With this spirit in mind for 40 years at the Casa de Sole Onlus, we take care of the disabled persons at various levels, in an attempt to educate and rehabilitate them thus giving them greater value in life based on the principles of  “GLOBAL PEDAGOGIC TREATMENT.”

The “CASA DEL SOLE” in numbers:

- 1 CENTRES for children: at Curtatone (Mantova- Italy) capable to house up to 160 children with psyco-physical and relational handicaps of whom 50 highly compromised.

- 2 CENTRES for adults in Mantova and Garda (Verona- Italy), housing some 70 adults most of whom with heavy handicaps.

- 1 HOLIDAY HOUSE “VILLA DORA” at Garda (Verona-Italy) for holidays for groups of disabled people.

- 106 external children who make use of our rehabilitation services for sectorial handicaps  THE COMPLEX OF THE CASA DEL SOLE AT CURTATONE(MN) extends on an area of about 50,000 square metres:


- Diagnostic services and personalized projects in the hands of the team of multi-specialized doctors, educators, teachers, therapists and nurses;

- a kindergarten and primary schools at state level;

- 14 personalized rehabilitative therapies: physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, Horse-therapy, logo-therapy, music-therapy, pet-therapy, psico-motricity, neurovisual rehabilitation figurative theatrical arts, greenhouse and garden activities, woodworking, kitchen and laboratory manipulation, tennis, sport fishing...

- 112 employees and collaborators (80% of whom highly qualified personnel),

- 80 volunteers,

- 24 stagists and bursary-holders as well as civil-service men


The Rehabilitation Institute can house young boys and girls from the entire national territory.

The services are free of charge to the families
In 40 years of activity, thousands of children and their families have found concrete help from the Casa del Sole

Support us with your gift

of which we will be most grateful, thus we will be able to offer:
- early diagnosis and
- aid to the handicapped children and adults with brain diseases so they can grow up and lead a life as serene and autonomous as possible.

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